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Username: Romania datagram
Account Created: 31 Dec 1969
Name/Company: Datagram
Profile: DATAGRAM is a software and multimedia company, dedicated to the excellence required to accurately represent your business on the market.

Datagram incorporates original and innovative design with the appropriate tools. Our team has the ability to lead a project from start to end and has good knowledge and experience in the development of database related applications and web pages, also in the field of data communications across the Internet.

We use Macromedia Flash with different types of tools, like: XML, PHP, ASP, Databases (like MySQL, Microsoft Access), other 3D, sound and multimedia compatible products.

We pay attention to the security of our multimedia products. Although in the client-server based applications this problem can be easy solved, in the client applications the things could be a little more complicated.

The software development at Datagram is innovator, easy to use, constantly adjusted on new technologies. Our software fully benefits from the possibilities provided by the new technologies including the World Wide Web.

Datagram's web designers can create a professional website tailored to your particular taste, or as we envision your image.

Our Services

Software, web and multimedia production: DATAGRAM produces a variety of software, web and multimedia applications for external clients.

Datagram's experience has materialized in the formation of its own production system. Datagram respects all the standards involving production, testing and reception.

The Advantages of working with DATAGRAM:

1. Lower cost
2. More flexibility
3. Quicker development
4. Accounting

For larger projects, outsourcing partners like us offer you a team of experienced developers who have already proven themselves as an effective unit. Your organization avoids the personality clashes, communication problems, and other obstacles to building a successful development team;

Flexibility: you can scale our involvement in your projects however you wish and whenever you wish;

Confidence: when working with an established partner like Datagram, you can be sure your software projects are completed on time, on budget, and to specifications.

Our team

Each project is realized by a development team constituted from specialists with experience in the fields required by the specific of the project.

Testing & Quality Management

We use our own testing system to provide the high quality products to our clients.

Besides describing product requirements, analyze, design, implementation and deployment, the testing is an important process in the lifecycle of a software/multimedia product.

Testing involves operating a system or application in a controlled environment and evaluating the results. The controlled environment should include both normal and abnormal conditions. Testing should intentionally attempt to make things go wrong to determine whether things happen when they shouldn't or things don't happen when they should. It is oriented towards detection.

Before any of our products go to our customers, they go trough a thorough test period. As testing is just as important, it is a process in our development methodology as analysis, design or implementation, and we have developed an effective test procedure, which has as a result the Receipt Book.

Few examples of our work:

Tools used by Datagram

Software Design, Development Maintenance and Support:
1. Programming languages:
o Delphi;
o C++, Visual C++;
o Visual Basic;
o Java.
2. RDBMSs:
o MS-SQL Server;
o Oracle;
o MS Access;
o MySQL;
o FoxPro, Visual FoxPro;
o Ingres;
o Jasmine.

Website design and development:
1. Languages and tools:
o PHP, Servlets, ASP;
o JavaScript, VBScript;
o Java, JDBC-ODBC.
2. RDBMSs:
o MS-SQL Server;
o Interbase;
o Oracle;
o MySQL;
o MS Access;
3. Multimedia:
o Macromedia Flash, Action Script;
o Macromedia Director, Lingo;
o Adobe Image Ready, Adobe After Effects;
4. Graphics:
o Adobe Photoshop;
o Corel Draw; Corel Photo-Paint;
o Adobe Illustrator.

Multimedia Design and development of multimedia applications:
1. Multimedia:
o Macromedia Flash, Action Script;
o Macromedia Director, Lingo;
o Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects;
o Adobe Image Ready.
2. Graphics:
o Adobe Photoshop;
o Corel Draw; Corel Photo-Paint;
o Adobe Illustrator.
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